Term life insurance coverage explained

What is term life insurance?

That’s a question that’s very easy, and quite complicated, to answer. In a sense, term life insurance is just an offshoot of regular life insurance: it’s a policy you take out, as you would on your home or your car, to protect the financial standing of your family. In the case of a tragic loss of life, the individual covered by the policy will have their family supported with funds comparable to what the individual was earning, for a set period of time. That offers priceless peace of mind: no matter the lifestyle that your family has become accustomed to, you can trust that they’ll be able to maintain it, with or without you.

The difference comes in the “term” itself: while life insurance is normally a permanent policy, term life insurance is only valid for a set period of time. It could be for 10, 20, or even 30 years – but the difference is that the former policy will come with an expiration date.

For many people, term life insurance is the ideal form of coverage. It allows you to properly anticipate what your payments will look like on a month-by-month basis – and it doesn’t lock you into making sizable payments that could potentially become a problem decades down the line, once you’re retired. For many middle-aged, working professionals, life insurance coverage seems oversized and unnecessary – while it remains the perfect solution to their needs.

Is term life affordable?
It can be much more affordable than traditional policies for some individuals, because the amount of time that the policy lasts is significantly shorter, in theory. Term policies can be extremely affordable – in fact, with Elephant, you can search through life insurance companies for quotes starting from as little as $1 a day*! In fact, term life insurance is the single most affordable type of life insurance available on the market today.

You can even create further savings for yourself by bundling your policy with other home and auto insurance coverage from Elephant. When you bundle – by signing up for life, home, and auto insurance – you end up getting the lowest possible rates that we can offer you. If you’re building a first home with your family, this is the ideal offer: you can have your car, your other vehicles, your home, your property and your income all covered by a strong home and auto insurance firm’s package, rendering all of your most important investments solid and protected.

So if you’re looking into life insurance options, you’d do well to investigate whether or not term life insurance is right for you. For many people in their 30s and 40s, this is the ideal solution to the question of whether or not to take a policy out on their income: if you fit into that age group, then term life insurance is likely perfect for you.

*Monthly Premium for males, age 40, Super Preferred, No Tobacco Rates. Not all applicants will qualify for these premiums. Premiums are current as of 6/30/13 and are subject to change.

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